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Terms of sale

All sales are meant to be finalized in cash (Euro), and to the highest bidder. Auto-Mobilia is a registered Trademark, created and operated by Shopping F.1/Luca Fornetti.

- To attend the auction and participate to the lots award, make an higher offer, or simply follow the auction, it is sufficient to register at Live Bidding; to register go to https://www.auto-mobilia.it/en/register/1/ 


- If you already registered yourself at a previous Live Bidding, you do not need to register twice.

- The lots are sold at the highest offer, whether this comes from a pre-auction order, or from an order placed during the Live.

- At 3:00 p.m. (CET) Italian time, the auction will start, and each lot will be assigned considering also all pre-auction offers received, as it happens at a traditional auction sale.

- All lots will be assigned online, during the Live auction, that will begin on November the 4th 2018 at 3:00 p.m. (CET) Italian time. Lots numbers : 1-909

- The pre-auction offers can be sent by mail or phone to Shopping F.1 (info@sf1.it) phone +39 0536 941613, or through our web-site www.auto-mobilia.it

- The pre-auction offers can be made also during the Live Bidding, and they will close 5 lots before the final assignment that will happen during the Live.

- The minimum offer for each lot is the base shown in our web-site.

- For an equal offer on a same lot, and further offers missing, the lot will be assigned to the first offer received ( with oldest date ).

- In case of a single offer received on a whatsoever lot, the assignment amount will be the base one : i.e. : base amount € 1000,00. Amount of single offer € 1500,00. The lot will be assigned to the customer who made a single offer for € 1000,00.

- In case of multiple offers on a same lot, the winning offer will be the one calculated by a pre-established increase ( see table included ) to be added at the lowest offer compared to the highest received.I.e.: base amount € 100,00 Customer (A) offers € 180,00 Customer (B) offers € 160,00.In this case the winning offer will be the one of Customer (A) for the amount of € 170,00. (As for the pre-established increase as shown in the Table Group, therefore € 10,00 for an offer inferior to € 160,00).

Bid increases

Offer amount €

Predetermined increase €











- The list of assignments will be published by Shopping Formula 1/Fornetti Luca on www.auto-mobilia.it. This, within five days from Auction closing , and for information purposes only.

- The payment of assigned lots can be done as follows;

  • Bank Cheque or Bank Draft in favor of of Shopping Formula 1 di Luca Fornetti, adding € 10,00 in case of Non Italian Cheques.
  • PayPal in favor of Info@sf1.it account
  • Bank Transfer in favour of Shopping Formula1 di Luca Fornetti. (to be added €10,00 for outside Europe transfers) to the following bank address:
    BANCO POPOLARE ( Via Abetone Inferiore, 14 - 41053 Maranello (Mo) Ferrari BranchIBAN: IT 89 U 05034 66829 00000 0012582 Swift/Bic BAPPIT21433

- To all  invoices paid with Bank Transfer, cash or Cheque the fiscal tax commission of 3,5./. will NOT be added.

- The bidder winner will have to pay an AUCTION COMMISSION of 20./. to  Shopping Formula 1 on the price of lot won. No other commissions will be calculated.

- The payment of lots will have to be done within 10 days from invoice date.In case of late payment, a commission of 1./. will be calculated and monthly debited over the amount of the unpaid invoice.

- Custom or shipping expenses are on buyer's behalf. Should any controversy occur, the goods are to be returned to Shopping Formula 1 di Luca Fornetti. All custom and shipping expenses will be on buyer's behalf.

- In  case of disagreement, the online version of these information prevail.

- All lots are guaranteed authentic.

Shipping costs

All shipments will be made by DHL courier, the calculation of the rates will be made at the end of the auction and communicated to the buyer together with the purchases.

For Russian customers, please contact info@sf1.it as DHL has restricted rules for Russia.

Indicative shipping costs::
- Italia 10 € (above 200 €: free shipping)
- Comunità Europea 20 € (above i 400 €: free shipping)
- Extra Comunità Europea (to be evaluated)

Conditions scale




Excellent - Very light traces of damp or weather


Good - Traces of wet or small folds, or cuts at the edges


Discreet - Torn, missing or margined margins