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Le Ferrari Mondiali: nine tables by Antonio de Giusti

Ferrari fans are likely to be enthralled by the limited edition (110 copies) portfolio of prints by Antonio De Giusti in a hardback presentation case. The nine color montages celebrate historic Ferrari F1 world championship victories, including:

1952 - Alberto Ascari / Ferrari 500.

1953 - Alberto Ascari / Ferrari 500.

1956 - Juan Manuel Fangio / Ferrari D50.

1958 - Mike Hawthorn / Ferrari 246.

1961 - Phil Hill / Ferrari 156.

1964 - John Surtees / Ferrari 158.

1975 - Niki Lauda /Ferrari 312 T.

1977 - Niki Lauda / Ferrari 312 T2.

1979 - Jody Scheckter / Ferrari 312 T4.

All items are signed by the artist, mounted and ready for framing.

This highly prestigious portfolio, in grey silk clorth with a gold hot pressing, contains the complete work, consisting of nine unpublished lithographies, hand pulled on 250 g. Fedrigoni's Tintoretto paper, in only 110 series with Arabic numbering, plus 20 series with Roman numbering not for sale). Every lithografhy, numbered and signed by the artist, measures 69,5 x 49,5 cm (27,3 x 19,5 inches) and comes with a refined pearl grey passe-partout. The plates, after printing, have been destroyed.

These nine tables not only show De' Giusti's fine draftsmanship and masterful use of colors, but also how well he personally knew these various more-or-less well-known people who contributed to the nine world titles collected by Ferrari.

The events that took place on the track and behind the scenes during these nine exciting seasons are vividly brought to life in these tables. One can almost hear the roar of the engines, the conversations between the mechanics and the drivers, the cheering of the crowd, and almost smell the oil and the rubber.

Enzo Ferrari himself was also a lover of De' Giusti's art, probably because he could feel the pulsating emotions depicted in De' Giusti's paintings. The only decorations in Ferrari's Modena studio (which is faithfully reconstructed in the Ferrari Gallery in Maranello) were De' Giusti's paintings.

Ferrari certainly would have loved De' Giusti's last paintings, which shows a fantastic gathering of all the drivers and mechanics that contributed ti the creation of the Ferrari legend.

Antonio De' Giusti biography

Born in Vicenza in 1925, De'Giusti moved to Bologna at a very early age where he studied etching under Giorgio Morandi and subsequently received his diploma from the Academy of Art.
His relation with Enzo Ferrari were quite intense and extremely prolific. He did all the covers and page arrangments for all the yearbooks from 1952 to 1960, various sales catalogues, the 1980 calendar, and the cover of the book "Piloti, che gente" (1987 ed.).
He was responsible for a large number of covers for Autosprint magazine and Autosprint Anno, as well as various San Marino Grand Prix posters during the 80'. He also worked for others, including Renault, Weber and Pininfarina. Since most of his work was with manufacturing concerns and newspapers, very little of it is found on the market, which makes it extremely interesting for collectors.


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